Chairman Afaq Ahmed

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MQM to host moot on de-weaponisation.

ImageThe Mohajir Qaumi Movement staged a protest demonstration on Friday against proliferation of illicit weapons in the city. A number of MQM activists reached the Karachi Press Club in a procession and held the demonstration in front of the KPC.

Mohajir Qaumi Movement announced on Friday that his party is organizing a roundtable conference on de-weaponisation of Karachi, and also invited Altaf Hussain-led Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM-A) to participate the event.

MQM’s vice chairman Shamshad G... ... more

Afaq Ahmed Case: The court adjourned the hearing till April 3rd.

The Anti-terrorism Court on Tuesday adjourned the hearing for an acquittal application from Mohajir Quami Movement Chairman Afaq Ahmed in a kidnapping case.

The applicant’s counsel sought Afaq’s acquittal in the case; he submitted that the case was politically motivated and that the prosecutors had yet to submit any kind of evidence. He also submitted that the co-accused had already been acquitted by the trial court due to lack of evidence. He requested that, given these circumstances, the court should also acquit the applicant.

The counsel of the complainant request... ... more

Security for Dr AQ Khan and Abdul Sattar Edhi demanded

ImageMohajir Qaumi Movement central leader Kashif Zai has expressed deep concern over news about a conspiracy hatched to abduct Pakistani nuclear scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan and prominent social figure Abdul Sattar Edhi.

Taking to the media on Tuesday, he demanded of the government to provide foolproof security to Dr Khan and Edhi.

He was of the view that figures like Dr Khan and Edhi are the assets of Pakistan and the news in this connection should be taken seriously. Kashif Zai further said tha... ... more

Mohajir Qaumi Movement was now nearer to its destination.

Mohajir Qaumi Movement Vice Chairman Shamshad Khan Ghori has said MQM Chairman Afaq Ahmed was always criticized whenever he raised voice for the rights of Mohajir nation. He stated this while addressing a party meeting held at the residence of MQM chairman on Saturday. He further said that to make their chief weak, the government carried out an illegal operation, whereas to make matters worse, some of their workers also joined hands with the then government for their vested interests. He further said that after a lot of efforts and scarifies Mohajir Qaumi Movement was now nearer to its destina... ... more

A worker was injured when firing erupted during a MQM campaign for deweaponisation.

The Mohajir workers were distributing flyers to shopkeepers and shoppers, urging people to take up "jihad for peace in Karachi by cleaning the city of its guns" on Thursday when the incident took place. A Mohajir worker Naseer Ahmed was injured when firing erupted during a Mohajir Qaumi Movement campaign for deweaponisation at Three Swords in Clifton.

Central Information Secretary Aleem Ahmed Khan said, party workers were being targeted in order to intimidate them from doing political work. But the MQM didn’t give up there. They abandoned Three Swords and raced off to Kh... ... more

Chairman Afaq Ahmed released

ImageMy doors are open for everybody who left me and the party. Chairman Afaq Ahmed
Mohajir Qaumi Movement Chairman Afaq Ahmed on Saturday reached his residence in Landhi No 6 in the form of a convoy of his party supporters and personnel of the law enforcing agencies after he was released from the Central Prison, Karachi.

His detention was challenged in Sindh High Court by his brother, Amjad Shafqat, and a Division Bench of SHC on Friday struck down his detention und... ... more

HSC declared MQM Chairman Afaq Ahmed's imprisonment illegal.

The Sindh High Court declared Muhajir Qaumi Movement Chairman Afaq Ahmed's imprisonment illegal and ordered to release him if not wanted in any other case. The MQM chairman has been detained under Maintenance of Public Order (MPO).

Sindh Minister for Home Manzoor Wassan said on Friday that the MQM Chairman Afaq Ahmed was a free man and the government would respect the Sindh High Court’s order for his release. ... more

The MQM demanded foolproof security to its chairman, Afaq Ahmed

Afaq Bhai was attacked for four times by the MQM-Altaf’s terrorists in the past. Shamshad Khan Ghauri
The Mohajir Qaumi Movement Pakistan has demanded of the government to provide foolproof security to its chief, Afaq Ahmed, after his expected release from jail.

Vice Chairman Shamshad Khan Ghauri while addressing a press at the Karachi Press Club (KPC), said the court has accepted the bail of Ahmed and now his security is the only remaining hurdle on the way to his house.

MQM workers and leadership do not trust police and we d... ... more

Anti Terrorism Court (ATC) orders release of Chairman Afaq Ahmad

ImageAnti Terrorist Court has accepted the bail plea of MQM Chairman Afaq Ahmad in the kidnapping case of Jamil Baloch on deposit of five lac surety bonds and ordered his release.

Anti Terrorism Court Judge Khalida Yasmin conducted the hearing into Afaq Ahmad case here on Saturday and ordered his release.

Discarding the prosecutor’s contention that the applicant was a proclaimed offender and did not deserve normal rights under the law, the court ruled Ahmed was in prisons for the past s... ... more

After releasing, I would vanish all No-Go-Areas.

ImageI am going to submit Azeem Tariq murder case against Muttahid in High Court soon. Afaq Ahmed
Chairman Afaq Ahmed was brought to the court for appearing in his cases. Sindh High Court (SHC) ruled that due to lack of evidences, Afaq Ahmed didn’t need bail in the case as his name was put on Column B, and remarked that the prosecution has already submitted that the MQM chairman would not be arrested in the case.

Talking to media, Afaq Ahmed said that many people h... ... more